Childbirth Success Kit


A multimedia kit made especially for you!



     Let’s face it, most women are not happy with their birth experiences.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  The Childbirth Success Kit includes a book, CD, a booklet containing 10 important articles and a phone consultation guaranteed to help you achieve success:


Unassisted Homebirth:  An Act of Love ($19.95)

Your Body, Your Birth:  Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth ($14.95)

The Birth of Your Dreams: How to Have a Successful Birth Experience ($30.00)*

30-minute phone consultation with author Lynn M. Griesemer ($50.00)*


*The Birth of Your Dreams and Phone Consultation are only available through this offer.


$114.90 value is yours for only $79.95. 


Unassisted Homebirth:  An Act of LoveThis 376-page book is about giving birth privately.  It is about changing the way we think about birth.  You will remember your birth experience forever.  Make it the beautiful act it was meant to be.  Even if you are not interested in an unassisted homebirth, this book will help examine your philosophy of childbirth and encourage you to follow the path that is right for you.


Your Body, Your Birth:  Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth - This 80-minute inspirational CD is about taking charge of your birth and your life. Topics include: exploitation in pregnancy and delivery; medical aspects of birth (drugs, safety, myths, technology); natural childbirth (definition, advantages, why we should avoid drugs at birth, why more people don't aspire to natural childbirth); tips for a successful pregnancy and birth; how to make birth-related decisions that you feel comfortable with; goal setting; imagination; body image; human needs; strategies for a satisfying birth.


The Birth of Your Dreams: How to Have a Successful Birth Experience -  This 42-page book contains 10 Articles: Why We Don’t Need Experts; Nine Myths of Childbirth; Ten Secrets Your Obstetrician Won’t Tell You;  Doctor-Delivered Babies And Natural Law:  A Conflict Between The Two; What’s The Big Deal About Natural Childbirth?;  Your Birth Will Be What You Imagine It To Be;  Goal Setting And Persistence:  Without Them, You May Be Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment;  Five Secrets For An Easier Birth;  The Key To A Successful Birth:  FOCUS;  What is Success?

30-Minute Phone ConsultationTopic(s) of your choice, at your convenience.  Email Lynn when you are ready to set up a time:  Offer good for six months from date of purchase.


BONUS ITEMS – Article: “How Intimate Birth Strengthens Marriage,” Bookmark, Tipsheet: Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth


Author Lynn M. Griesemer has given birth six times.  She experienced almost no morning sickness during her pregnancies and minimal pain during labor and delivery.  Her average time for labor was less than three hours.  Four of her children were born in the hospital; two at home.  Lynn was featured in the Washington Post (7/31/07) and on  PBS’s “To The Contrary” (10/19/07) .

 Money back guarantee if not satisfied.   

Cost- $79.95 (+$9.00 shipping and handling, USA, $19.00 other countries)