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Audio CD- Your Body, Your Birth

Book- Unassisted Homebirth, An Act of Love (In it's third printing...)

Conference CDs

Information on Marilyn Moran's books from New Nativity Press.

Your Body, Your Birth (2007) by Lynn M. Griesemer, Terra Publishing, 4103 Plaza Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033. ISBN 978-0-9661066-0-2

Your Body, Your Birth is a motivational CD containing 80 minutes of value-packed information and encouragment for pregnant women and those hoping to become pregnant.

Cost- $14.95 (+$5.00 s&h US, $15.00 overseas)
Childbirth Educators/Midwives Special Bulk Discount - 10 CD's for $100.00

Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love (1998) by Lynn M. Griesemer, Terra Publishing, 4103 Plaza Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033. ISBN 978-0-9661066-0-2, 376 pages. Publication date August 3, 1998.

You conceived your child out of love. Why not bear your child the same way? This book is about giving birth privately. It is about changing the way we think about birth. Topics include: why parents choose alternative childbirth; benefits of intimate birth; how to prepare; tips for success; men and birth; medical and public opposition; self-actualization and more. Several inspiring stories, including a waterbirth and breech twins.

Cost- $19.95 (+$5.00 s&h US, $15.00 overseas)

Childbirth Success Kit

Letís face it, most women are not happy with their birth experiences.† It doesnít have to be this way.† The Childbirth Success Kit includes a book, CD, a booklet containing 10 important articles and a phone consultation guaranteed to help you achieve success:

Unassisted Homebirth:† An Act of Love ($19.95)

Your Body, Your Birth:† Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth ($14.95)

The Birth of Your Dreams: How to Have a Successful Birth Experience ($30.00)

30-minute phone consultation with author Lynn M. Griesemer ($50.00)

Cost- $79.95 (+$10.00 s&h US, $19.00 overseas)

Conference CDs

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CD #1: Welcome; Why We Donít Need Experts; History of Unassisted Homebirth Lynn and Bob Griesemer explain why experts arenít needed at most births, what experts really do for us, why we turn to experts in the first place and what we can gain by serving as our own "experts."
Marilyn Moran (keynote address) discusses the contributions of advocates such as Pat Carter, Marion Sousa and Laura Kaplan Shanley as she takes us from the 1950ís to the First National Husband/Wife Homebirth Conference on April 25, 1998.

Cost- $6.00 (If you want all CDs saving 4.00 off the price of each tape singly, see option below.)

CD #2: (2 CD set) Covenant of Love (Marilyn Moran): Most marriages are strengthened after a husband/wife birth; postpartum depression is rare; elation after birth often lasts many years. Marilyn discusses the relationship between the sacrament of matrimony and intimate birth. Reluctant Fathers (Bob and Lynn Griesemer): What to do when he lacks the confidence or conviction of an intimate birth. This tape gives men encouragement and ideas about how to get involved in and enthused about a Do-it-Yourself birth.

Cost- $6.00 (If you want all CDs saving 4.00 off the price of each CD singly, see option below.)

CD #3: Preparing for an Unassisted Homebirth (Nicole Lavallee): What should we do about prenatal care? Birth supplies? The placenta? What do we do in an emergency? What about birth certificates? How do we prepare mentally, especially when our friends and relatives are not supportive? Nicole covers these topics and more.

Cost- $6.00 (If you want all four CD sets saving 4.00 off the price of each CD singly, see option below.)

CD #4: (2 CD set) Birth Stories Brad Warner describes his and his wifeís (Ruth) seven births Ė from a hasty C-section to a midwife-assisted homebirth with complications to the highlight of his marriage Ė the romantic birth of his seventh child. Martha Pugacz describes her Do-it-Yourself birth (placenta abruption) forty years ago and her satisfying doctor-free life. Laura Kaplan Shanley shares all five of her births which include a solo-breech birth and a stillborn birth. All three speakers shed a few tears as they reminisced about their empowering births.

Cost- $6.00 (If you want all four CD sets saving 4.00 off the price of each CD set singly, see option below.)

All Four Above CD sets: $20.00

(additional CD upon request:)

Developing a Couples Birthing Guide (Marilyn Moran): Husband and wife birthers are often isolated and without community support. This session brainstorms some ideas on assembling a couples birthing guide. Send a donation and we will make a copy of this tape.

Doctor-delivered Babies and Natural Law: A Conflict Between the Two by Marilyn Moran $3.00.

A paper discussing the natural law and how it can conflict with the idea of doctors delivering babies.

Cost - $3.00

Marilyn Moran's New Nativity Press Books:

The New Nativity Press merged with Terra Publishing. The late Marilyn Moran self-published three books through New Nativity Press. Terra Publishing acquired the remaining inventory of her books and has sold them all. They are now all out of print. We are looking into the option to release them as an E-book.

Birth and the Dialogue of Love by Marilyn Moran, ISBN 0-940128-01-2 $24.95, 234 pages. OUT OF PRINT

This book explores the history of birth practices and presents the benefits and problems of childbirth techniques during the past 100 years. Presentation of the physiology of birth, birth as a sexual event, importance of the father being face to face during birth. Shows birth as much more than just a medical event and the importance of giving birth consciously and joyfully, why people give birth at home and the benefits and safety of intimate husband/wife homebirth.


Happy Birth Days: Personal accounts of birth at home the intimate, husband/wife way by Marilyn Moran, ISBN 0-940128-02-0 $12.95, 134 pages. OUT OF PRINT

Collection of fifty stories about unassisted homebirth (birth without a doctor or midwife). Couples explain why they chose to birth this way, how they prepared for birth, and shared their joyous birth experiences. Stories include previous C-sections, including one woman who had a C-section in 1946 and had subsequent do-it-yourself births. Parents describe the liberating feelings during labor and birth: no hospital staff telling them what position to give birth in or what to eat or drink. Families share their previous birth failures, frustrations and fears.

Pleasurable Husband/Wife Childbirth: The Real Consummation of Married Love by Marilyn Moran, ISBN 0-940128-05-5 $22.95, 228 pages. OUT OF PRINT

Already hundreds of couples have "changed their lives-for the better," by reading Moran's newsletter, "The New Nativity," and her first book, Birth and the Dialogue of Love. Now she presents more reasons why husband and wife should give birth at home, privately, just the way the conception of the baby had been. The presence of third parties spoils it for them.

Pleasurable Husband/Wife Childbirth: The Real Consummation of Married Love describes how birth is a sexual event and how it can be pleasurable when husband and wife birth alone rather than under medical circumstances. Moran cites plenty of examples of truth/facts that are not revealed to patients who submit to the medical childbirth system. She presents research that reveals that couples who give birth intimately return to a satisfying sex life sooner and with more frequency. They often experience less fatigue and a lower incidence of postpartum depression.

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