What if everything you knew about birth was not true?

      I was in a state of euphoria after my unassisted birth in 1996, but I was also surprised at the contrast between what I had been told my entire life about childbirth and my experience of unassisted homebirth.

Unassisted Homebirth (UHB) - giving birth without a doctor or midwife

     Welcome to unassistedhomebirth.com.  Giving birth is one of those key moments in life that you’re not likely to forget.  Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to take a good, hard look at what your philosophies are about birth?

     Hi.  I’m Lynn Griesemer and I’ve been thinking, writing and speaking about birth for over 20 years.  I’m glad you found us on unassistedhomebirth.com.

     Many people believe we need more education about birth, but what is lacking is couragecourage to pursue something countercultural; courage to work through fear;  courage to journey down your own unique path.

     After spending some time on this website, you’ll see why we support unassisted homebirth, in particular, couples or husband and wife birthing.  Thank you for visiting and if there’s anything we can do to help, feel free to contact us.

Imagine the Possibilities

      I believe that most women would welcome the experience of UHB if they knew what the experience entailed.

  Imagine a short labor, very little or no pain, and one of the most inspiring and empowering experiences of your life! Ok, I can’t promise a short labor or little or no pain – each individual experience varies.

      If women knew that the birth of their baby could unfold in a sensual, pleasurable manner, they would desire this kind of birth.

      Instead, many couples “play it safe,” do what others are doing, and go through with a hospital birth.  Some disregard a little voice urging them to consider a homebirth.  Others are relieved to give birth in a  hospital, but this relief hardly results in an inspiring, pleasurable birth experience.

      As I contemplate the number of women who choose hospital birth – not knowing about the empowerment of UHB – a sadness comes over me.  At the same time, there are more women questioning the way our culture treats pregnancy as an illness and the assumptions that birth is a potential disaster waiting to happen.  

      I am motivated to share the value of UHB to whomever will listen.  UHB has made a major impact on Bob’s life, my life, and our children’s lives.  If you’ve had a UHB, I invite you to send us a short video of approximately one minute where you discuss how your UHB has changed your life.

      I often compare doctor-delivered childbirth with unassisted birth because  in order for some women to feel comfortable with homebirth, it is helpful to understand the stark contrast.  How silly that we’ve come to measure childbirth against a medical experience.   Here are a few words that captured my experience:

Hospital Birth:  powerless, inauthentic, rules, regulations, fear, pain, medicine, questioning, doubting, unfulfilling, disconnected, incomplete.

Unassisted Birth:  freedom, honest, love, trust, bliss, respect, flowing, confident, sensual, fulfilled, deeply connected, complete, life-changing.